Smart Cities

Smart infrastucture monitoring

In terms of ICT, and particularly distributed systems and IoT, we provide an ecosystem of innovative technological solutions including sensor networks, RFID systems and pervasive computing middleware for monitoring Smart Water, Smart Air and Smart Waste.

The concept of our work is two fold and can be distinguished into ambient monitoring and supply chain monitoring:

  • With respect to ambient monitoring, we deal with ambient sources of data, e.g. Smart Environment data streams i.e. physical properties of water (flow, quality), air (flow, quality) and earth (moisture);
  • With supply chain monitoring we deal with mobile data sources, such as RFID-tagged medical wastes, that move through the various stages of a supply-chain typo process e.g. of collection and incineration and even of transformation into green products as part of circular economy.

Smart Air is a key focus area of our provided Services. Through our expertise, we guarantee adherence with health&safety guidelines and regulations in the workplace, product and worker protection in the industry, increase of productivity in the office and in the school as well as adherence with public health guidelines, such as the ones for covid-19, as the link between air quality and microorganisms is proven in the literature.

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Green Actions Monitoring Bay

An information system that simulates the life cycle of dangerous hospital wastes from their point of origin, at the various locations within the hospital, to their final disposal by incineration, using RFID technology.



Risk indicators for Covid -19 in indoor air, based on air quality measurements of particulate matter (PM), carbon dioxide (CO2), temperature and humidity, using novel sensor platform sytems.

Smart, Dairy Buildings

Integrated Monitoring of Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) in the dairy industry using wireless sensor networks (WSN) and the Internet of Things (IoT).